The Challenge
How does design interact with technology?

Hi, I'm Jeevna Prakash, a designer and coder with a background in cognitive science.  Before I became a product designer at Redhorse, I managed a nonprofit, taught science and coding, and TA'ed special education classes.  
I love finding out why people think the way they do, and how to create experiences accordingly.  To me, UX and UI design are problem-solving at its core; my natural curiosity is what drives me to ask the right questions to design and code the interactive experience to be more intuitive, productive, and satisfying.
If you think I'd be right for your team, please reach out! I am currently seeking internship and part time opportunities for fall 2020, and spring/summer 2021 :)

Photo and video editing
Netflix bingeing

What I do
User Experience Design
Product Design
Data Visualization
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